child having their arm bandaged by a doctor

Complex testing requirements

With broad ranging materials, from technical textiles to nonwovens, including combinations of natural and synthetic fibres, the various materials used in medical textiles presents a complex set of testing requirements.

Performance testing using appropriate test standards and validation of results, is essential to developing and manufacturing medical apparel for:

  • quality assurance
  • safety, comfort and function

Various physical properties are required to be tested and validated, such as:

  • breathability
  • flexibility
  • comfort
  • waterproofing.
surgeon wearing surgical gown and mask

Accurate, reliable, repeatable results - every time

Qualification, approval and acceptance of medical textile products is complex and extensive.

Manufacturers of medical textiles products need to describe all test methods, performance testing features, results analysis, and presentation guidelines of test results prior to marketing and commercialising a new product: which is why a strong testing and quality assurance regime is so important to get right.

patient in a hospital bed

Intelligent testing solutions

James Heal's performance testing range is ideally suited to testing the performance of medical textiles.

Get the right product for every application - from water repellency, to wicking, drying rate testing to durability, strength and compression.

Since 1872 we've been on a mission to improve every aspect of materials testing, so our customers can achieve consistent and accurate results, every time. Our new Performance Testing Range has been designed for testing performance wear and technical textiles.