Women wearing sportswear in yoga class stretch

Controlling the manufacturing process

Continuous innovation and consumer demand is driving the need for textile testing more than ever, and testing during development enables manufacturers to better understand the capabilities of the fabric.

In sports performance clothing, the term ‘protection’ has expanded to embrace:

  • fit and comfort
  • abrasion resistance
  • insulation
  • tear strength
  • sweat wicking
  • waterproofing

and, most recently, antibacterial and anti-UV properties.

Male cyclist wearing blue sports top cycles along winding road

Accurate, reliable, repeatable results - every time

Sportswear brands need to validate and substantiate claims on performance and functionality - for example, moisture control and breathability.

Women wearing gym clothes lifts weights

Create confidence in your brand

Introducing a sportswear and athleisure range is a great way for retailers and high street brands to meet growing consumer demand.

James Heal Performance Testing instruments have been designed to give brands, retailers and manufacturers complete confidence in their results.

Since 1872 we've been on a mission to improve every aspect of materials testing, so our customers can achieve consistent and accurate results, every time.

Our new Performance Testing Range has been designed for testing performance wear and technical textiles.