Testing Performance in Textiles

In recent years, the sportswear industry has influenced mainstream fashion in a significant way. Factors such as the growing portion of the population seeking healthier lifestyles, the sustained influence of athleisure, and technological developments designed to improve comfort, means performance wear is a trend that is predicted to grow substantially over the next decade.

Compared with mainstream fashion garments, which are about aesthetic appearance or decorative characteristics; performance fabrics have a primarily technical/functional benefit such as ‘comfort’ (e.g. keeping the wearer warm/ cool/dry by regulating the body temperature), and/or ‘safety’ (e.g. protecting the wearer from the environment, and hazards such as fire-proofing the outer layer of the garment). The rise in performance wear has resulted in the need for new and improved technology to test and substantiate the claims that are made about these garments.

Athleisure is More Than a Trend. It is a lifestyle shift represented through a blend of sports, urban, and fashion trends. Due to innovations in textiles and technology, improvements have been made in functionality. Its broad appeal means that almost everyone is a potential athleisure consumer.

Lycra, 2019

James Heal performance testing range aquabrasion, trurain, prodry and wickview

Introducing the James Heal Performance Testing collection, a growing range of instruments designed for testing performance wear and technical textiles.

Our designers and technical specialists have created state of the art instrumentation for a range of applications including moisture management, dry rate testing, water repellency and wet abrasion. The collection includes improvements to existing methods for testing and game changing new technology to meet the requirements of an evolving industry.

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The functionality of performance wear must be qualified by evidence, and our instruments have been designed to give brands, retailers and manufacturers confidence in their results.

Suitable for testing a range of applications, including sportswear, outdoorwear, PPE, medical textiles, military wear, tents, awnings, beddings and mattresses.

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“Easy operation of both instrument and software, with excellent service from the James Heal team - means we have a reliable partner to depend on.”

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Faster, more intuitive testing

With TestWise OS, advanced software is made simple, increasing lab efficiency, productivity and through-put.

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Material / End use

Outdoor Wear

Outdoor wear applications a broad and varied, with a primarily technical / functional benefit such as ‘comfort’ and/or ‘safety’. Outdoor wear includes garments such as snowsuits, ski clothing, and hiking/trekking clothing.


Sportswear and activewear is clothing and footwear worn for sport or exercise, such as tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts and polo shirts.