TruRain Water Repellency Tester

James Heal - TruRain water repellency testing instrument


TruRain is the definitive Bundesmann tester, an artificial rain shower testing instrument for determining the water repellency of textiles. It is designed with precision in mind, to reduce inconsistency and improve the accuracy and repeatability of results.

TruRain tests to ISO 9865 - Determination of water repellency of fabrics by the Bundesmann rain-shower test.

TruRain’s water circulation unit reduces operating costs by 83% and water consumption by 99%, making TruRain a more sustainable Bundesmann Tester.


Water repellency tester (TruRain) by James Heal

Automated Shower Guard

An integrated, automated shower guard diverts the water flow before and after each test to keep the operator dry when inserting and removing the specimens.

Easy to Maintain

The 300 evenly distributed nozzles, which produce rain drops for the test, are easy to clean and maintain. The nozzles can be primed, a process of forcing high pressure water through the system to ensure no blockages.

TestWise Touch

Our TestWise software is user friendly, automating the process of testing and alerting the user of when to grade the specimens based on the ISO standard.

Recirculation Unit

Equipped with an innovative ‘Water Recirculation System’, TruRain is the only Bundesmann tester of its kind which reuses water during testing - resulting in significant cost savings and environmental benefits.


Material / End use


Sportswear and activewear is clothing and footwear worn for sport or exercise, such as tracksuits, shorts, t-shirts and polo shirts.

Outdoor Wear

Outdoor wear applications a broad and varied, with a primarily technical / functional benefit such as ‘comfort’ and/or ‘safety’. Outdoor wear includes garments such as snowsuits, ski clothing, and hiking/trekking clothing.

Military Apparel

Military personnel are exposed to extreme environmental and physical threats, so textiles for military uniforms face a complex set of challenges when it comes to performance: they must offer maximum endurance, comfort, and protection.

Tents & Awnings

Tents and awnings are used for a variety of purposes - from domestic camping trips, to marquees for events, and even military-grade tents and temporary shelters.


Technical Specification

Specifications are provided as a guideline only and are subject to change.

Conditioned atmosphere recommended It is recommended the instrument is located within a conditioned atmosphere
Positioning Floor standing
Space requirements  

Height 2260mm

Width 830mm

Depth 1000mm

Approximate net weight
Water Supply

Cold Water Feed: 3/4 inch BSP

Drainage The drainage for the TruRain can be either from the mains or the James Heal Re-Circulation unit.


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