Women in Down Puffer Jacket runs through hills

Meeting physiological needs through function and comfort

Outdoor clothing is about meeting the needs of the human body – primarily thermal regulation and comfort.

Outdoor wear acts as a barrier between the skin and the external environment, so it’s important that the fabric does not restrict the body’s natural mechanisms for maintaining physiological comfort.

The types of testing on these types of garments and materials includes:

  • wet abrasion testing
  • water repellency and water resistance
  • moisture management and wicking
  • drying rate
  • air permeability
  • breathability
  • UV protection
  • antimicrobial efficacy
  • stretch and recovery
  • thermal resistance
  • burst resistance.
Person in dark raincoat cagoule and backpack stands next to a waterfall

Accurate, reliable, repeatable results - every time

Outdoor wear retailers and manufacturers need to validate claims being made about their garments' function and performance.

James Heal Performance Testing instruments have been designed to give brands, retailers and manufacturers complete confidence in their results.

Independent laboratories should also make an investment in the right type of testing instruments; by doing so, you’re demonstrating your commitment to supporting your customers’ growth in the performance textiles space.

Man in Ski Outdoor Wear poses at the top of a snowy mountain

Create confidence in your brand

Outdoor wear manufacturers need to find ways to accurately replicate the conditions their garments are put through in the real world.

It’s crucial from a safety and comfort perspective, that these fabrics and garments perform as they are intended – to repel water, wind and other environmental factors, and protect the wearer whilst maintaining comfort.

James Heal instruments enable you to carry out the necessary tests on your Outdoor clothing and materials to validate claims and ensure intended performance, create consumer confidence and loyalty in your brand.

Since 1872 we've been on a mission to improve every aspect of materials testing, so our customers can achieve consistent and accurate results, every time. Our new Performance Testing Range has been designed for testing performance wear and technical textiles.