two doctors in full PPE with a vial of blood

Types of test

Testing is a crucial step in order to meet the relevant standards for PPE functionality and performance.

James Heal instruments are suitable for testing many of these, such as:

  • breathability and breathing resistance
  • flammability
  • filter penetration
  • colour fastness
  • perspiration and crocking
  • attachment strength
  • abrasion resistance
  • tear strength,
  • burst strength
  • water resistance
  • wicking and more...
fire fighter using a hose to spray water

Accurate, reliable, repeatable results - every time

Textile materials that are used as personal protective equipment must be able to cope with the most extreme requirements.

There are stringent quality controls in place for PPE, to ensure product quality, safety and functionality to protect the wearer.

construction site workers with hard hats and high visibility vests

Protecting the wearer - and your brand

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, PPE is more in-demand than ever before and on a global scale.

This situation has only further highlighted the importance of Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE) efficacy to protect everyone - especially the vulnerable and key health workers - from contagions in the environment.

Testing is therefore crucial to ensure that garments and masks are providing the protection advertised to the wearer and providing support in limiting the spread of infection.

Since 1872 we've been on a mission to improve every aspect of materials testing, so our customers can achieve consistent and accurate results, every time. Our new Performance Testing Range has been designed for testing performance wear and technical textiles.